Radiopharmacy (radiopharmaceutical center) mainly refers to a distribution center which use fission molybdenum-technetium generator to produce 99mTc time-critical labeling drugs, and use cyclotron to produce 18F-FDG injection, also consign of other short-halftime isotope products.

Radiopharmacy has established the corresponding distribution system for the hospital and nuclear medicine center within the medical instrument to provide radioisotope drugs and services. The half-life of the radio nuclides involved are substantially medium and short ,most of them are less than 60 days. 

In recent years, CIRC based on the most widely used clinical imaging radiopharmaceutical (99mTc time-critical labeling drugs, 18F-FDG injection, etc.)'s short half-life, limited production and distribution characteristics, combined with Europe and the United States mature business model, successively In Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Tianjin and other places to build a regional radiopharmaceutical production, distribution center network and successfully put into operation.

At present, there are 8 radiopharmacy in CIRC and 17 are under construction. It is expected that 25 radiopharmacy will be put into commercial operation by 2020.

CIRC welcomes you as a partner to corporate in the Radiopharmacy project