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HEADWAY Accredited Guangdong Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center

Time:16 March 2020



  On March 4th 2020, HEADWAY, a subsidiary of CIRC, has been accredited as one of the “Guangdong Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Centers in 2019” by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. This is HEADWAY’s second government award, following the designation of post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base.

  Headway, as a global leader in breath test diagnosis with over 20-years of experience, has been committed to the building of R&D capacities and the establishment of a technology innovation system that is enterprise-based, market-oriented, and industry-university-research integrated. By establishing Innovation Centers of Stable isotope & Breath Tests, Headway has further promoted the cooperation with leading universities and research institutes home and abroad. So far it has made numerous technological breakthroughs, such as localization of [13C] urea APIs, storage at room temperature of [14C] Urea Breath test kits etc.